Customer service in the palm of your hand: learn all about the launch of the ¡Hola! Suite

Since it was launched in 2019, ¡Hola! Suite has been helping its customers to offer a better quality service, making the work of companies easier, faster and more intuitive.

Through the software, our customers can access various functionalities in one place, such as queue and service history, customer control, reports and dashboards. In addition, it is possible to integrate with various tools, such as ERPs, SMS and telephony gateways.

Now, we are launching something new that will bring even more convenience to our more than a thousand customers: the application for mobile devices, which allows access to the main functionalities of ¡Hola! Suite directly on your smartphone. In this way, managing your calls becomes even easier and more efficient.

Do you want to know more about the features of the ¡Hola! Suite? Then continue reading the article!

Why have a mobile app to serve customers?

Today’s consumers want to be in the spotlight. Demanding, connected and inserted in an increasingly competitive market, they want to be at the center of attention of companies. 

To meet these requirements, quality service is essential. It is important that the company is available to answer questions and solve problems, in addition to respond quickly.

A frustrated customer, who cannot find help for the difficulties he encounters with the product or service offered by your company, on the other hand, can be quite harmful to your business. 

Negative internet reviews, social media complaints, and word of mouth can drive potential customers away and ruin your reputation.

Inside the ¡Hola! Suite app: learn about the application’s features

It is in this context that the need for a mobile application arises, which allows performing, from anywhere, the main tasks related to customer service. 

Although the desktop version of ¡Hola! Suite could already be accessed from any computer, the mobile application comes to take this accessibility to a new level.

Just download the app, have an internet connection and enter your login and password to access the features you already know. This way, you can monitor calls, interact with customers and make decisions quickly and dynamically. 

Check out other features available in the ¡Hola! Suite app.

  • All contacts in one place: use the app to manage all company contacts such as prospects, leads, customers and suppliers.
  • Service history: access the entire service history through the application, which allows for a more personalized and humane approach in contact with customers.
  • Integrations: do it all in one tool, using integrations with WhatsApp Business, Telegram, Messenger and other service channels.

In addition, the ¡Hola! Suite can be integrated with ERP tools such as IXC Provider. In this way, you can offer additional features to customers, such as sending a duplicate payment slip and invoice. 

In addition, the app allows you to manage, monitor and document requests, access the virtual agent service flow, customize modules, among other functions. 

Download the ¡Hola! Suite app now!

If you are already a customer ¡Hola! Suite, you can download the mobile version from the App Store and Google Play.

If not yet, how about learning more about the tool?

Produced by IXC Soft, a software company that has been on the market for over ten years, ¡Hola! Suite facilitates the management of calls, generates reports, maintains contact history and much more. Everything for you to deliver more satisfaction in your calls.

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