How important is speed in service to your company?

Communication processes are increasingly dynamic, in every sense, both in personal and commercial relationships. However, in commercial relationships, this can be a decisive factor in making a purchase and building customer loyalty.

The speed with which information reaches the consumer is increasing. For this reason, your service should be as fast as, or if possible, faster. A quick response to your customer’s needs can be the differentiator between you and the competition.

In this content, we’ll talk more about the importance of speed in serving your customers, and bring tips on tools that can help you in this process. Good reading!

The influence of service on the consumer’s purchase decision

Customer service began to play an increasingly important role in the way customers see their brand, and even in their purchase decision, regardless of the segment in which the company operates. Changes in consumer behavior made this step even more important.

The information is just a click away, making the consumer increasingly demanding, including about the service received. This step is the starting point for the relationship with your audience.

The faster and more assertive your service is, the better the consumer’s assessment of your business. For this to happen, count on a qualified team to solve problems that may arise and satisfy the consumer.

Regardless of the customer’s need or the size of the problem they need resolved, everyone wants to be well served and get things fixed as quickly as possible. Maintaining a good relationship between customers and your company is essential.

Customers want quick, concise, direct and assertive answers. He is not always an expert in the subject or area of ​​your company, so using technical terms is out of the question. Doing so can make the process even more difficult and create noise in communication. Speak in a simple and resolute way, without rodeos and frills. Be kind, helpful and proactive. Show interest in the situation and deal with each one in a unique way.

All these details influence your relationship with the customer, the way he sees and talks about your company, his loyalty and the purchase decision. A satisfied customer propagates your brand, which attracts even more consumers.

Deliver personalized experiences

Being attentive to the profile of your audience is crucial for the quality of service. The shopping experiences generated by companies are as important, from the consumer’s point of view, as the product or service itself.

A good consumer experience builds trust between you and your brand, and that trust builds loyalty. Studies indicate that customers are increasingly valuing this aspect, to the point of ceasing to consume in places that do not identify good service, even if they like the product.

Create an identification of your audience with your brand. Make the quality association in everything that was delivered a natural process in your client’s mind.

During your service, look at the customer’s pain as if it were your own, pass security and fluidity in the relationship. Tracing the consumer’s profile makes the service personalized.

Monitor and maintain customer service. In addition to being quick when he comes to you asking for help, show interest in the situation afterward, ensuring that the problem has actually been resolved and that the customer is satisfied.

Tools that can help speed up your service

Using management software to streamline your service is an excellent strategy, especially if you have a high demand. This helps to optimize the flow of the company and increases productivity. 

Tools such as ¡Hola! Suite can help your service to be more agile and efficient. Oops! unifies all service channels, such as Telegram, Messenger and WhatsApp, centralizing communication in one place. 

Through it, it is possible to manage, monitor and document your customers’ requests, prioritize tickets for solving problems, manage reports and have access to the service history of each customer.

The platform also has a mobile version, to make everything even more dynamic and assertive. Both on mobile and desktop, Opa! allows tracking the status of calls, which streamlines the process and decision-making of the company to meet demand almost simultaneously.

With Oops! you can automate your service, as the Virtual Agent is active 24 hours a day and has intelligent responses that are sent automatically, reducing response time.

Defining the stages of the virtual agent’s service is an important phase, so that directing the service to the professional responsible for solving the problem is as efficient as the return to the customer.

In addition to the complete management of the service queue, departments, network diagnostics and access and permissions settings, it has filters that facilitate the search and organization of information. 

The integration with the IXC Provider it also allows the sending of a second copy of payment slips and invoices, as well as the unlocking of trust.

The agility in the service delivered by these tools can boost the sale of your products and services. Stay ahead, updated and keeping an eye on market trends and the behavior of your audience, to maintain quality in all your deliveries.