Why do you need software to centralize your service?

Today’s consumers increasingly demand good service. Many would even agree to pay more to have a good experience with companies. Centralizing your service can help deliver what your customers are looking for.

In one survey applied by Reclame Aqui, for example, 51,2% of consumers surveyed said they wouldn’t mind spending more as long as they had a better shopping experience. The survey included more than 13 thousand customers from all over Brazil.

At the same time that a consumer is satisfied and even spends more if he is well served, poor service can have catastrophic effects for companies. Complaints are amplified on social networks and complaint sites, and can damage the brand image, alienating potential consumers.

In this scenario, those who still do not invest in quality care need to act. 

But where to start? 

One of the ways to do this is through software that centralizes the service. Also called a customer service system, this type of tool allows you to create channels to help consumers in an effective and integrated way.

Want to know why you need software to centralize your service? Then read on!

Learn about 4 benefits of software to centralize your service

An answering software is a digital tool that allows you to manage calls from consumers, facilitating the work of attendants. The goal is to solve these problems quickly and in one place, as it helps to centralize your service.

This tool arises in a context in which just offering quality products or services is no longer enough. After all, there are several companies on the market doing the same. To differentiate itself, it is necessary to invest in quality service, which will strengthen the relationship with consumers.

See below the benefits of this tool for your business!

Waiting time reduction

Anyone who has had to wait a long time to be seen and resolved a problem knows how frustrating this can be. However, there is also no point in serving the consumer quickly, but not solving his problem.

To provide good service, you have to be agile, but also efficient. The good news is that customer service software helps reduce customer wait times. 

This is because, in this type of tool, it is possible to organize service queues and direct requests for help to the right attendants. 

As the calls are all gathered together, employees do not need to keep an eye on several channels at the same time. Just be aware of a single tool. It also makes the answers easier.


Good customer service software allows you to integrate with various service applications, such as Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. But that’s not all: it can also be integrated with other management systems, such as ERP. In this way, you can offer additional possibilities to consumers.


Can you respond quickly if your service area is effective?

With answering software, answering that question is not a problem. A good tool of this type allows you to generate team performance reports, which serve to identify points for improvement and measure the quality of service. It also makes it possible to access reports and dashboards to view information in an organized way.

That way, you have all the data at hand and can make the best business decisions assertively.


With modern customer service software, the customer service agent does not need to be at the company, using the office computer, to access the platform. 

In times of popularization of remote work, a good service tool needs to be accessed from anywhere, including mobile devices. That way, you don’t keep your customers waiting and can serve them from anywhere.

What to evaluate when choosing your customer service software?

Now that you know why you need software for your customer service, you may be wondering: among so many available options, how to choose the best one?

The keyword here must be integration. a strategy multichannel, which consists of integrating the company’s various contact channels, so that consumers feel that they are talking to the same brand, whether by phone, email or chat, is essential to offer consumers a good experience.

Therefore, the chosen tool should allow you to combine service in different channels, making different contact options available to the consumer, while offering excellent service in all of them. 

This also makes it easier for the same professional to serve different channels through the same platform. That way, everyone wins. 

Take into account, in addition to the possibility of making integrations, also the ability of the tool to collect and present data in an organized manner. 

Customer service actions, if measured and presented in the right way, can yield incredible insights for your business.

Of course, software alone is not enough. To transform your service, the team needs to adapt to the tool easily. Therefore, a user-friendly interface is essential! 

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