What is Conversational Commerce?

Technology is reaching farther and farther. In your trends, much has been said about a term that improves business. After all, what is the Conversational Commerce? He is nothing more than the way companies communicate in real time with your customers over the internet. You enter this trade from your online appointments.

That is, they can use both social networks and tools with a virtual agent, chatbot or similar technologies. O Conversational Commerce is already inserted in big companies, because they care about the the way companies communicate with your customers over the internet. And it goes from information, response time and the way they communicate.

What is the purpose?

The goal is for companies to offer good experiences to their customers. It can be through online service through social networks or platforms that facilitate your services and sales.

Therefore, a personalized and engaging service is required, which answers questions and gives recommendations on products at all times. All in one place and whenever the customer wants, during the day or dawn.

Conversational Commerce generates business opportunities for companies. Then update your business model, with tools to do automatic answering. If you are the type of entrepreneur who needs to be ahead in the market, the time has come to change the reality of your business.

Meet with ¡Hola! Suite all the information on how to start this format in your company and how to prepare your team to provide personalized online service. Always be online and let your company communicate in real time with your customers.