Tips to improve your experience with answering software

As online customer service and sales increase, so does the number of companies that start using some type of answering software. 


It’s easy to understand why: the ease and agility offered by software, especially by omnichannel platforms, are beneficial for both customers and the company. 

For customers, the benefits include faster responses, agile solution to demands, full-time service 7 days a week and the possibility of contacting the company through different communication channels, including social networks. 

For the company, the service software enables a greater number of calls, organization and security in data recording, cost reduction and communication failures, in addition to increasing the team’s productivity. 

Even so, some companies hesitate to use the software for fear of ‘robotized’ communication by virtual agents or because they find it difficult to use them. 

These concerns are left behind when the user learns to take full advantage of the functionalities offered by the service platform.  

To help you in this process, we have separated some tips to improve your experience with an attendance software. Check out!

Customize messages from virtual agents

It’s not because the service is automated that it needs to be the same for everyone. 

Messages sent by virtual agents are previously structured in a communication flow. 

This flow can be customized both to define how the customer will be conducted from the opening to the end of the service and to program how the virtual agents will respond. 

That is, the messages sent can follow the same language pattern used by the company in humanized conversations, minimizing the impression that communication is ‘robotized’. 

Transfer the customer to human service at any time

The personalized structuring of the communication flow also allows the customer to be forwarded to humanized service when necessary. 

Simpler and more standardized demands are usually resolved by virtual agents, but, in specific cases, nothing prevents the customer from contacting the responsible sector employee. 

One of the main advantages of hybrid attendance is time savings.

When the human attendant receives the call, the main information about the customer and demand has already been collected and can be easily accessed on the platform. 

In addition, the virtual service forwards the customer directly to the sector responsible for the case, facilitating its resolution. 

Take advantage of all the functionalities offered by the attendance software

An omnichannel platform like ¡Hola! Suite offers several menus in addition to the inbox that centralizes messages from service channels. 

Each software menu contains several functionalities that facilitate the company’s routine activities. Between them:

  • reports and dashboards;
  • filters connected with Analytics;
  • satisfaction survey;
  • customer control;
  • custom templates;
  • tags in conversations;
  • notifications and alerts;
  • service history.

The more these tools are explored, the more information is collected and organized, making the creation of strategies and decision-making more practical and safer. 

Choose who supports and trains you on your fulfillment software 

To get the most out of your answering software, it’s critical to know it. 

This process becomes easier when the platform has intuitive and self-explanatory interfaces. 

Even so, one detail that makes a total difference to your experience with customer service software is the attention you receive from the company you hired.

This includes prior training on how to use the tools and also ongoing support, through manuals, reminders, videos and frequent contacts, so you know where to find answers in case of doubt. 

Make integrations to acquire additional features

In addition to the general functionality of the customer service software, it can be integrated with other systems, such as ERPs, enabling data transfer between the software and the activation of additional resources. 

The omnichannel service platform ¡Hola! Suite can be integrated with IXC Provider, in addition to other management systems available on the market. 

Additional features in the integration with the IXC Provider include:

  • sending invoices and invoices; 
  • electronic acceptance and signing of contracts; 
  • trust unlocks;
  • financial and connection diagnostics;
  • synchronization with the customer list;

With more automation, more processes are facilitated during calls.

Analyze the generated reports

As mentioned, one of the functionalities offered by the ¡Hola! Suite is the generation of reports and dashboards. 

They are automatically generated with the data registered in the software and are a safe and accessible tool for analysis. 

It is possible to check open and closed calls per day or month, information on ongoing calls, identify the main reasons for calls, among others.

Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to this functionality. A concrete base of information allows decisions to be made with more confidence. 

Organize the company’s internal communication 

Centralizing customer calls in one place makes the communication process much easier and faster, right? 

The same can be done with your company’s internal communication.

Use the platform as a contact channel between employees and ensure that no information is lost along the way. 

In addition, it makes it easier for them to find and exchange the information necessary to solve the company’s general demands. It’s the ease of having everything organized and centralized. 

When properly used, customer service software can offer companies several benefits, with a positive impact also on the customer experience, making customer service a great competitive advantage.  

Connect your company to a new world of opportunities with ¡Hola! Suite.