Answering Software: Do’s and Don’ts

Os answering software contribute to the speed of your company’s service, making this process more dynamic and effective, in addition to generating positive changes not only for the commercial sector, but for the customer-company relationship.

Commercial relationships are a decisive factor in making a purchase and building customer loyalty. The way your brand communicates with your customers is essential to the success of your business, and it must create a direct relationship with the consumer.

The service provided to your customer directly influences the way he will look at your brand and what he will say about it. It is at this stage that you manage to conquer new consumers and retain those who are already part of your portfolio, identifying causes of dissatisfaction and finding efficient solutions.

In this content, we are going to talk about customer service software, and how they can contribute to the optimization of your company’s customer service sector, reflecting on all departments of the organization and boosting your business. Read it now.

Service and quality software in this department

With quality service, it is easier to relate to the public. But this is not the only advantage of investing in the quality of this department. The speed with which information reaches the consumer is increasing, and your service must be just as fast.

The sense of urgency is present in the way consumers want to be treated, and ignoring this fact can be a hindrance for your business to grow. It is at this point that customer service software comes into play, contributing to the organization and dynamism of operations, keeping your business competitive and relevant in the market.

Service software: technology to optimize processes

Technology has transformed the way companies relate to their customers. A company’s responses to solving a demand, such as a support request, need to be agile. 

Second survey conducted by Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report, published in 2020, 61% of people who responded to the poll have already stopped purchasing a service or product due to failures in customer service. In the same survey, it was found that 59% of consumers were more demanding with regard to the support offered by companies than in the previous year.

In this way, customer service software is an ally for companies that seek to prioritize this sector and unify communication channels, placing human and technological resources side by side to help people and generate true connections.

In the era of social media, what consumers say about the brands they relate to becomes very relevant, for better or for worse. Consumers are increasingly open to buying experiences and brand relationships. 

According to Consumer Commitment Index (CCI) survey, carried out by Officina Sophia Retail, 86% of consumers pay more for an experience they consider better.

Purchasing processes are increasingly hybrid between the online and offline environment. The adopted strategies, therefore, need to be coherent in both channels, which is still a difficulty.

What to consider when choosing your answering software

Several points should be considered when hiring customer service software for your company. You already know why you are looking for the service, so analyzing the real effectiveness of the platform is essential.

Pay attention to the features.

For the customer service software to be really effective, it is important to verify that the functionalities available on the platform are in line with the needs of your company. 

Features such as integration to record all interactions and contacts made by the consumer with your company on a single platform, with the aim of making service more efficient, indicate that the software is of quality.

Quality customer service software will capture all incoming messages and unify them in one place. Through this functionality, all employees in the service sector will have access to the same information about the customer. 

Among other important features, be aware of the intuitive interface. Good customer service software should also offer a simple platform, with a user-friendly and practical interface, and an uncomplicated design.

Benefits of using customer service software.

It’s not just customers who are positively impacted by the use of these tools. Corporate employees as well. Through the adoption of answering software, the productivity of employees increases, as the automation of responses contributes to optimizing the time of employees dedicated to this. This way, they can focus on tasks that cannot be automated. At the same time, the response time to customers is reduced.

Data has already revealed that most consumers would pay more for a service or product if they had better service. In addition, using these tools it is possible to:

  • organize service queues;
  • direct requests to the correct contributor;
  • generate automatic reports on team performance;
  • identify possible bottlenecks that can be eliminated.

Among customer service software formats, omnichannel platforms stand out for their functionality that unifies calls from different channels in a single solution, allowing the agent to easily see the contact forms, email and user panel and respond faster. 

For this, artificial intelligence virtual agents allow customers to self-service through automations, making services more agile. Virtual service agents work within messaging platforms and are capable of interacting and responding to consumers, without the need for the presence of a human attendant. 

This type of solution makes it possible to offer 24/XNUMX service at a controlled and efficient cost, eliminating the need for an attendant to be available full-time to meet customer demand.

Omnichannel service platforms

Omnichannel is the name given to the use of various customer service, marketing and sales channels, with one of its main objectives being to reach customers and improve the experience of these consumers with brands, creating different points of contact between the two sides of the operation.

In omnichannel, more important than the number of unified communication channels, is the synergy between them so that it is possible to serve the customer, wherever and whenever he wants. 

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