Outsource services to add value to your business

Anyone who is an entrepreneur, regardless of size or business segment, knows that time is money, right? One way to optimize your time and invest it in what really matters is to add value to your product or service through outsourcing.

That’s right… By outsourcing activities in your company, you have more time to strategically plan, evaluate results, rethink some actions and propose improvements. With more efficient management, the customer is more satisfied and revenue naturally tends to grow.

Are you in doubt about which activities to outsource? In this content, we will present some suggestions of services that, when outsourced, can add value to your business, improving the performance of your productivity and profitability indicators.

Essential activities

Reception, human resources and people management, accounting, cleaning, IT support, security are essential items in a company, whether it has 2 or 200 employees, whatever the sector.

However, depending on the specialization niche of the business, hiring professionals for all these areas is not feasible, for several reasons, but let’s focus on financial issues.

Each employee represents a cost in addition to salary. These are the famous ‘labor charges’, collected in the form of taxes, such as INSS and FGTS. In the end, these tax obligations practically double the value of the company’s payroll, reducing the profit margin. 

Thus, these are the first activities that one thinks about when outsourcing.

Specialists in secondary activities can add value to your business

While some companies dedicate themselves to activities aimed at specific sectors of the economy, there are others that specialize in generic services, the so-called middle activities.

These activities are essential for running a business, but are not directly linked to the product or service it offers. Therefore, they are at the top of the list when opting for outsourcing. 

We have already mentioned above which are the main support activities for most businesses. See now the advantages of outsourcing them. 

  • Recruitment and selection: looking for new professionals to fill its staff is a task that always takes a lot of time, not to mention that many of the candidates that appear are not even remotely qualified for the vacancy. 

That’s when recruitment and selection consultants come in, to whom you delegate the task of finding people with the necessary skills and a profile compatible with the company’s culture. 

This does not mean that the selection will take place without your participation. However, you enter a more advanced stage of the process, when the options are already closer to what you are looking for.

  • Human resources and people management: With many affinities with recruitment and selection, outsourced human resources and people management services are an excellent option to reduce employee costs and properly manage your staff information, organizing work schedules, vacations, absences, etc. 
  • Accounting: calculating taxes, generating payroll, controlling inputs and outputs, cash flow, can be a headache for anyone who is not an expert on the subject. Therefore, external accounting services make the difference in companies that do not require their own accounting and finance department.

In addition to adding value to your business, allowing you and your team to focus on customer service, because of their experience, accountants are able to make maneuvers that result in a reduction in the amount of taxes.

  • Reception, security and transportation: these are other essential services that can be performed by third-party companies. In these cases, in addition to savings with labor charges, the responsibility for training and qualifying these professionals lies with the contracted company; you will only have to present the functions within your company and the workflow. The technical knowledge on the subject this provider already has.

    Going beyond core activities to add value to your business

    Currently, Brazilian legislation allows employees to be hired outsourced professionals, also for the core activities of a company. That is, if you have a law firm or a school, the lawyers or teachers who work for you can be outsourced. 

    In these cases, the bond is established through a contract, in which the rights and duties of the parties are established, such as the activities to be developed, the workload to be fulfilled, among others.

    However, there are those entrepreneurs who make a point of taking care personally, or through their employees, of the core activities of their business. 

    For these entrepreneurs, an alternative that allows keeping a lean team focused on objectives, without compromising results from other sectors of the organization, is to invest in technology to assist in customer service.

    Automated service platforms

    Automated services, with quick responses and capable of solving the most frequent doubts and requests, are becoming more and more common, especially in companies that are growing. 

    Instead of increasing the number of employees, they hire companies that offer customer service platforms and automate processes, such as opening calls, issuing documents – bills, invoices, various vouchers, contracting or canceling services.

    Technology to add value to your business

    When these operational tasks are performed by applications and management systems, there is more time for managers and employees to plan improvements in the products and services they sell, strategies to build customer loyalty, and also ways to attract new prospects.

    It is not even remotely suggested that human talents can be dispensed with in this process. Quite the opposite. By leaving this part of the work under the responsibility of technology, professionals are able to invest more time in qualification, studying new possibilities for the market in which they operate, in addition to planning the expansion of the business.

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