How ¡Hola! Suite’s White Label can help your business

Several companies can benefit from the White Label model of ¡Hola! Suite to expand your possibilities of action. 

With this partnership, the principles of the White Label model are applied on the omnichannel platform ¡Hola! Suite, which can be customized and resold by other companies. 

In this case, the developer is the IXC Soft, who created ¡Hola! Suite in 2019, primarily in order to meet its internal demand. 

Faced with the positive impact achieved with the omnichannel service, IXC Soft restructured the platform and started selling it, benefiting companies from different market sectors. 

The White Label partnership of ¡Hola! Suite was another step taken to offer all the advantages of this technology to more and more people – not just for companies that hire ¡Hola! Suite to optimize the organization of your calls, but also for those who can resell this technology with their own brand and the effectiveness of a consolidated product in the market. 

Continue reading to better understand how the White Label of ¡Hola! Suite can help your business. 

Do you already know ¡Hola! Suite?

¡Hola! Suite

is an omnichannel customer service platform that centralizes all of a company’s contact channels in a single place, facilitating customer service management and improving data control. 

All messages received by the main service channels used in the market are directed to the platform and can be answered in a single inbox.  

That is, WhatsApp Business API, Instagram, Messenger, Webchat, Telegram, Virtual Agent and Telephony are integrated in ¡Hola! Suite. 

In addition, it is possible to count on automatic service, through Virtual Agents, who respond to customers immediately and according to a structured and personalized flow of messages in the company’s language. 

Virtual Agents receive the call and direct it to the humanized service, directly in the responsible sector, when necessary.

This ensures greater customer satisfaction, because in addition to quick responses, customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

The team’s productivity also increases, because the initial data collected in the conversation is listed on the platform and can be easily accessed by the attendants in charge. 

Noise, process and communication failures are avoided from the first contact. All conversations are recorded and can be tagged by subject, date, customer registration or other criteria defined by the company to speed up the search for data.  

The same goes for creating dashboards and reports on assistance, allowing a detailed analysis of the main indicators. 

¡Hola! Suite can be integrated with several ERPs available on the market. The integration with IXC Provider allows several automations, such as sending bank slips and invoices, electronic acceptance, signing contracts, unlocking trust, synchronizing with the customer list and much more. 

It is also possible to monitor the services via smartphone, with the mobile version, enabling the company to monitor all calls, interact and make decisions extremely quickly and dynamically from anywhere.

The advantages are many and you can learn more about ¡Hola! Suite accessing our website. 

How does the ¡Hola! Suite White Label partnership work?

¡Hola! Suite

follows the principles of this business model.

The first major advantage is that partner companies do not have to bear the high costs involved in research and technology development

For a much more affordable price, the platform is purchased and customized within 5 to 7 business days. After that, it is ready to be resold under the new brand. 

The White Label partner of ¡Hola! Suite undergoes specific training on the implementation process and customer support. 

In practice, the Opa! accompanies the partner in the first five implementations of the platform, explaining all the details and rules so that he is aware and becomes independent to operate in the next services. 

After that, our team remains available to clarify doubts and can be contacted by partner companies whenever necessary.  

However, there is no bond between the ¡Hola! Suite and the partner’s end customer. He has complete autonomy to pass on information and provide support to his customers. 

The implementation process becomes the full responsibility of the partner and, therefore, the amount charged for this process is defined by its own criteria. 

Any branch of the market can act as a White Label partner of ¡Hola! Suite. In all cases, there are several benefits of this partnership! 

  • Companies now have state-of-the-art technology and affordable investment.
  • Value is added to the brand with a personalized product.
  • In addition to the platform ready for resale, partners receive training and support from the ¡Hola! Suite.
  • They increase their product portfolios and the chances of sales to their customers. 
  • These are new opportunities for the business, with the effectiveness of a consolidated product in the market. 
  • More and more companies are getting to know and benefit from omnichannel service and its various features. 

And so, he became interested in becoming a White Label partner of ¡Hola! Suite? Request our contact!