Get to know the story of ¡Hola! Suite and IXC Soft in the technology market

The technology market does not stop growing and, every day, it offers more facilities both for carrying out everyday tasks in the corporate world and for communicating with the public, whether customers or suppliers.

In the same way that they speed up the dissemination of information through websites, applications and social networks, computerized systems also open up more channels for the external public to communicate with the company or organization. 

In a globalized world, where the offer of products and services is not limited to geographic spaces, quick and quality service ends up being one of the main differentials that a brand can offer. Therefore, the importance of paying close attention to your company’s service protocols.

Next, we’ll talk a little about IXC Soft’s performance in the technology market and how its solutions – ¡Hola! Suite for example – they can help with business management and customer service, without overloading or expanding teams and, most importantly, without jeopardizing consumer satisfaction.

IXC Soft and the technology market

Currently, IXC Soft is installed in an area of ​​1000 m2, has more than 280 employees and has around 3 customers throughout Brazil. In 2020, the company won first place in the Management Software category, in the Outstanding Brands for Internet Providers survey, carried out annually by RTI Magazine.

But before reaching these numbers, a lot has happened since 2009, when Ivornei Piva and Cleiton Paris, both passionate about technology, developed Maker, a software for reading database structures and creating system screens.

From Maker, they created their own program for the development of systems and layout for manipulating forms, buttons and fields, evolving into editing events and functions of forms. 

In 2011, as a result of the recognition of the solutions developed by the partners, IXC Soft was officially created. 

At this stage, the company was already more focused on the internet provider segment and became more and more specialized, reaching the launch of IXC Provedor, in 2012. And, as expected, IXC Soft’s products began to consolidate in the technology market and with each update they became more efficient in meeting customer needs.

The company’s growth, however, brought some demands related to internal processes and, by developing a tool that would guarantee a more agile flow within IXC Soft, solutions were created for several pains faced by entrepreneurs and managers from different market niches.

With an excellent product in hand, in 2019 IXC Soft launched ¡Hola! Suite, an omnichannel platform that unifies service channels and offers users numerous advantages.

¡Hola! Suite and service management

Among the areas that have evolved the most technologically in recent years is, without a doubt, communication.

The popularization of smartphones and, consequently, of applications for sending and receiving text messages, images, audio and video, caused a revolution in interpersonal communication, whether for personal matters or for business relationships.

And it is for the latter that ¡Hola! Suite arrived in the technology market to facilitate both the service and the registration of this exchange of information.

Customer service and satisfaction

When other forms of contact with companies were added to the fixed telephone – initially with e-mail and later with mobile telephony and low-cost messaging services – the volume of calls increased considerably.

And, the larger the company, or the more products or services it offers, the greater the number of tickets it receives. Add to this extra volume of requests, the multiplication of channels through which they arrive – WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, contact forms on the website, just to name a few.

Thus, the challenge is to maintain the quality of service, to ensure customer satisfaction, without increasing the number of employees or overloading those already working in the company, and, in addition, to record these services for possible future consultations.

Again, that’s what ¡Hola! Suite was developed.

Features that matter to the market

The ¡Hola! Suite was developed by IXC Soft to ensure agility in the flow of the company, including communication between employees and also with suppliers, prospects and customers.

Due to the complexity of the internal demand, the software accumulates several functionalities that are of interest to the market in general, such as the quantification and qualification of the different types of contact – suggestions, complaints, compliments or doubts –, the generation of reports, the recording of assistance – date, time, requester, attendant, request, forwarding.

So the ¡Hola! Suite was restructured to serve other segments and revolutionize business service, as it facilitates the management of calls, improves procedures, establishes standards in communication with different audiences and guarantees the satisfaction of those who contact the company, whatever the reason. .

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